After two days of silence, I got a text from Kevv yesterday.

I don’t tend to text people unless I’m sure they really want to hear from me, but in this case my reasons goes beyond that… He’s taken.

We met last week and I guess we got a crush on each other ’cause we’ve been texting daily ever since but with no expectations… even if this fling looks very familiar…

See, this reminds me a lot of what I lived with Justin.

Justin was also taken when we met (which I didn’t know). We got involved, we felt too much, and eventually he broke up with the other guy. Distance was the bitch who got between us (there’s always a bitch) and eventually the “end” of us.

Now, Kevv is not going anywhere far but the opposite. The attraction is undeniable but, do I really want to be part of a love triangle?

I wouldn’t have minded if this were just a random hookup, but hookups are a one-time thing and my affairs are always a lot more relevant than that.

On the other hand and speaking of relevant… PatrickA  mentioned “relationship” again yesterday, and got me thinking. If we get officially serious, I won’t be this conflicted with Kevv or any of the other guys…

I’ve started to believe I’m seriously likeable, there’s no other explanation for my “success” with every single guy I met. I mean, even my perversion has charisma.

Anyway, I’d better not over think about any of this, or any of them and see what’s waiting for PatrickA and I tonight.

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