Happy Two Months

Last night PatrickA and I had a mini “celebration” of our 2 months “together”. Since, he never had a boyfriend or a regular anything, I thought it would be nice to mark the occasion and encourage him to believe that “long” relationships are possible, that he can do it…

With, but mostly without me.


So, last night we had some awesome sex… that got my penis a little injured ’cause his blowjobs were too greedy… Thought he’s still not fully able to take my very average dick for too long, it was awesome nonetheless. His ever epic kisses make up for whatever is wrong.

This morning we had breakfast in our new favourite spot, where the German owner now recognizes our faces. And tonight we are having supper together because nothing says couple like spending the day together.


Sarcasm aside, I don’t know how long my story with PatrickA will last, but whatever that is I just want him to remember me as the guy he had it easy and the best time with.

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