Peruvian Night

IMG_2583So, I went to a Peruvian restaurant with PatrickA last night. Being the gourmand person he is, I thought it would be cool for him to discover the best South American cuisine and put some culture down his throat other than my raw meat.

How culinary corrupted his poor brain was that the first thing he asked me checking the menu was… “Where are the nachos”…  His soul was definitely lost. So, I told him that he can find nachos at some McDonalds (right?) or maybe at the grocery store. I had to explained that we South Americans don’t eat nachos.

Nachos, tortillas and all all that type of stuff are the food of Mexicans and Central Americans. 

So, he let me order and I choose few different dishes for him to try. He loved some more than the others and overall was pretty impressed by it.


I was happy to devirginize the only thing left in him, and we had a great night despite the fact that it didn’t include a happy ending (pervert talk) ’cause he went back home to study.

Later at home, Kevv texted me to keep our forbidden romance on (same as Justin) but I ended up behaving and watching a movie with my dogs. 


Anyhow, I won’t see PatrickA until Friday (once his exams are over) and I’m not sure how am I going to control my mundane desires with Kevv around, but it’s going to be a major challenge I’m not sure I want to endure… Yeah I don’t!!

To be continued…

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  1. r_hsw says:

    ok. i’m officially envious. wishing i could be the one devouring all the dishes. sigh…

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