Gen Z

Despite the huge age gap between PatrickA and I, we connect very well in a cerebral level and surprisingly we also share few weird stuff in common.

Such as:

  • We don’t like onions, nor wear jeans, or eat pizza.
  • We are both playful and easy going.
  • We find Captain America boring, and society disturbingly idiotic.
  • We agree that Freud is constantly used and abused by pop culture.
  • We are both fascinated by the human mind (him physiologically and I psychologically)

Although the irrelevant facts I listed are just that, I’ve rarely experienced similarities (asides from sex) with a millennial (though I’ve fallen in love with)… but millennial he is not.

PatrickA is a Gen Z (he’s actually 20), same as Kevv.

By personal experience (so far) I can say that Gen Z’s are not only cooler, they also appear WISER and a lot LESS entitled than millennials.

But again that’s based on my luck, maybe I’m wrong and those I met are exceptional…

And speaking of luck, he came last night to cum with me because Friday seemed too far and he needed me to wish him good luck in his exams.


Yeah they’re also a bit horny, which makes them complete and full of win.

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  1. r_hsw says:

    me envious here 😦

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