Under The Latin Moon…

IMG_2877 - Copy

I’ll be dancing all night with you.

That’s what the song says, and pretty much what I’ll keep doing after my little chat with PatrickA last night…

Yeah, he doesn’t seem to care much about monogamy, so I didn’t even bother to insist on the issue and I just focused on what he wants from me… destroying his asshole! 

Which I was able to do properly at last after I finally found the best position for him to take my cock… for the misfortune of my poor bed and my neighbour next door.

See, he’s a big guy and it’s not easy to toss him around…. Yeah, I guess that’s my main issue with him despite his perfect body. He turns me on, but I’m more into shorter guys (aka Kevv = boner maximus)

Anyway, I guess PatrickA and I are just great that way.

And speaking of, he is sleeping in my bed right now, while I’m getting ready to work… while Kevv is texting me… because monogamy wants to do nothing with me.

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