IMG_2899I worked last weekend and today, but that didn’t stop or slow my carnal desires.

With PatrickA over, I slept 4 hours last Saturday. With Kevv last night I slept 3… I’m drained!

But this sexy exhaustion is far from over ’cause Kevv is on his last day of Spring Break and he’s actually waiting for me in my bed while I’m here at work because, TRUE LOVE (not really).

Now, I’m supposed to supper with PatrickA tonight, and spend the night with him, but I have Kevv at home…

Am I in deep shit or what?

If I think rationally, I’m too tired to speak nerd today, but I’m not tired to speak lust.

So I guess I’ll cancel PatrickA and keep Kevv… which by the way it reminded me a lot of my last serious partner last night… for some of his habits, but mainly on how delicious he was in bed.

Long story short, may the Sex Gods give me strength to handle again that ass tonight.

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