IMG_2969 (1)Cleaning PatrickA’s flat took us the whole morning and a big part of the afternoon yesterday… More than his mess, what took our time was the lack of proper tools to clean, or excess of useless tools, more accurately.

What he has:

  • 2 fancy ass vacuums (ineffective) 
  • 1 robot vacuum (ineffective) 
  • 1 ordinary vacuum (VERY effective)
  • 3 electric mops (ineffective) 
  • 1 electric mirror vac (ineffective) 

What I needed:

  • a vacuum
  • a swiffer (or ordinary mop)
  • Windex, disinfectant, and basic stuff.

PatrickA looks and acts like a very simple guy but all the things he owns are far from simple. He has lots of expensive (and useless) shit (inside and outside his closets) for the sake of irrational consumerism. He’s a compulsive buyer, but how to blame him? #RichKidsProblems

But that’s not his major issue, his major problem is his incapacity to focus in domestic chores… which in all honesty is the #1 issue in nerds.

By the end of the day we took out at least 8 big garbage bags, 5 of recycling, and 2 of donation. He also gave me few presents.

Here’s one:


Previous to that, we had breakfast and order take out at lunch time. 

Late in the afternoon I went gym, he went to school and we met at my place in the evening…  where I made supper and had some desserts (from his favourite pastry shop) waiting for him. 

FullSizeRender (8)

We made out, made love and enjoyed each other the rest of the night.

This morning I woke up trapped in his legs and arms… I’m going to miss him this weekend.

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