Good To Do

FullSizeRender (9)Since monogamy and I are not longer friends, last week I did my medical check-up. This morning I went to see my doctor to get my blood test results and the final word… All negative and good to do she said… okay she didn’t say the last part but she gave me thumbs up.

I told PatrickA about it, and by pure coincidence I received a text from Kevv telling me the same thing…


Apparently he also did his STD scan, because he’s a responsible fuckdoll who knows he’ll get irresponsible with me when the time comes.

It’s logic and mathematical.

For the first time in my life, despite having played unsafe (not common in me, and not proud about it) with Aaron and David I was not scare. I was not shaking of anxiety waiting for my results as I used to do… when I used to be monogamous, ironically.

Thinking about my new attitude (because I love to analyse myself) I simply understood that I did not fear because I don’t have any emotional attachment to the guys I mentioned before. Meaning I wouldn’t have felt any remorse if they had to go to hell with me… as bad as it sounds.

That doesn’t include PatrickA tho… Or Kevv as a matter of fact… who by the way it’s been all jealous and going very telenovela about PatrickA because, the NERVE! 


I mean, he’s the one with a boyfriend not me. Regardless, he’s so cute and PatrickA is so hot… It’s going to be a lonely weekend for me.

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