FullSizeRender (19)Since my two boyfriends are coming back tomorrow, I spent the afternoon cleaning my flat.

PatrickA usually comes at night and leave in the morning, or I stay at his place.

But Kevv is planing to stay over like last week, so in case I had to work and leave him the keys I’d rather have every corner, drawer and closet impeccable.

Yeah, I guess that’s how it’s going to work for us and our affair. Not often, but short and sweet.

I’m excited to see both, but I can’t wait to see PatrickA ’cause I’m “attached” to him for all the right reasons.


I was actually talking about something deeper, but I can’t help he’s a horny beast. In other words, my type!

Now, I just wish they both choose different days to see me. Otherwise I’ll be fucked! Or I won’t have any, more like it.

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