Day Off

Day off at last!

Finally can I blog again about sex life”... says my non-existent sex life!

Yeah I haven’t had any sexy since last Sunday, in other words 4 DAYS!! This is pretty scandalous and beyond unacceptable considering the amount of guys I could fuck with, but so you know I am not a slut. 

I was actually waiting for PatrickA to be free ’cause deep inside monogamy wants to win over me, but he’s very busy at school and here I am… fading like a flower who needs to be watered.


I’m not sure if I’ll see him tonight, but I’m in serious talk to fuck with someone else before Saturday…

John Paul is his name, ’cause nothing like make your bitch someone’s who’s name reminds you of the late father of the catholic church!

Yeah you can judge me all you want but you can’t deny I have values and standards. 

And speaking of the opposite of values, I received a text from David this morning….


He invited me to go eat today, but I have plenty of stuff to do sadly. However, isn’t he adorable?

I mean, we broke up about 3 months ago but he stills texting me from time to time. And regardless of how he feels about me, to me he will always be my Colombian babe, and my shortest & sweet relationship.

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