Natural Talent


I got a text from this guy yesterday… a guy I never met, but I talked to some YEARS ago. As it happened before, some people keep my number over time and randomly made a comeback as if my memory remembers them or something.

My first reaction was my usual reaction .. And you are?

Blah blah blah and snaps later I knew who he was. And because my real call in life is to make others happy, or horny, he ended up wanting some cock. Unfortunately, I don’t do strangers (let’s pretend) but the truth is I was saving my cum for someone who really deserve it, and he was not.

However he said something true, as it’s kind of easy for me to turn people on. It’s a natural talent I guess…

In fact when I was younger, all the straight Mexican guys I met in Montreal used to invite me to their parties because I was the man who got the girls horny after dancing with them. They used to call me “el calentador” which kind of means “The heat”, or in this case the “Turn on.”  #TrueStory

That’s right Mexican bitches you all fucking owe me!!

In short, they got laid for free thanks to me… You’re welcome.

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