Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a bit difficult to update between work and “lovers” this week, but I’m alive.

PatrickA is off at University for some weeks before his summer courses start. He’s going crazy without books and assignments, and keeping him entertained is consuming all my energies…

Last night I passed by his place after work to help him assemble his new “nerd” desk… He already has 2 regular desks at home, but life without school is affecting him so much that he just bought an electric height adjustable one… Anyway, we all deal different with whatever is affecting us, plus he can afford unnecessary $800 desks… I don’t want his issues!


On the other hand, tomorrow will be the 4th month that we became lovers, and I’m spending the night at his flat tonight.

Alright, a quick update from work (read: I should not). I’ll be right back.

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