Same Story Now Older

So… I saw Derek… He was naked when he opened the door … He lay in bed and asked me to come… I did (duh)… We talked while I kissed his back and touched his soft skin… We kissed… He took off my shorts… We foreplayed and he asked me to fuck him… “Not today” I said while I had his butthole covered on precum… He was in total trance “I was stupid, you’re the best, I want you again” he said … While I shoved my fingers in his mouth…

Derek knows me well, and he knows I’m rarely alone, so he asked “who’s the other guy?”... I told him about PatrickA and he couldn’t care less … “We look good together, I’ll be only yours if you ask me to” he said…


We look good together indeed ’cause he’s a good looking guy, but Derek is kind of “dangerous” in every aspect of the word… That’s EXACTLY WHY I ended up with him 4 years ago. He’s mentally unstable and he’s beyond promiscuous even in a relationship… And despite his blah blah blah he haven’t change at all.


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