Gotta Slow Down

I was typing the entry below Thursday morning, but work and my life after that got me busy… All was going as usual, until someone contacted me last night (Thursday night,) someone I got weak for and I sin all the way with… I feel bad, yet, I’m happy I met him, but guilty nevertheless…



I was on my way to PatrickA’s flat when he sent me a text telling me he wasn’t home but at the gym, and had another hour to go. To make time I decided to gym as well…

On my way there, Derek texted me and asked me to pass by his place before. Since I’m a prudent man and I have my priorities clear, I went to see him… The door was open, same as his legs waiting for me in bed .


“I missed you” he said, and I laughed at his cute attempt at naughtiness.

In my head, my short visit was to make-up for all my unavailability of last week; but in his head, it was milking my dick… I took my clothes off and I got in bed to cuddle him, and even though I refrained from intercourse I couldn’t avoid his lips on my cock.

“I’m hungry” I said while dressing up… “You just ate some ass” he replied. I was like “But my stomach needs real food”…  “What are you having for supper?” he asked… “Probably some more ass…”  And with those words I left to meet PatrickA.

I arrived at PatrickA’s around 10 PM… He was unpacking his latest nerd gadget, Kappa (his dog) was jumping on me to play with him, and my stomach was cursing me for not feeding him.

Since PatrickA is very gourmand and the word “food” has a powerful effect on him, I told him about my empty stomach. Immediately he proposed to get it fixed while checking some restaurant Apps on his phone to go get some take out.


Time later and on my way home, I reflected on my recent “pleasing” behaviour…

Few days ago, when I got tired of K and said bye bitch to him, it took me few minutes to get Michel’s attention and some other 4  guys as well. I’ve been texting with Michel ever since… and the 4 other too, but less frequently.

These past days I also considered to talk to PatrickA about this topic, but after last night I gave up on the idea… Instead I gave up on everyone, Michel included.

Although PatrickA never talk about us, he cares for me and makes me feel that. I know our affair is only temporary and perhaps I should just hold on on it and keep it clean until it’s time to let go, instead of letting trouble seduce me… Above all, I’m a “lucky” guy when it comes to have others interested in me, and not only sexually.

I gotta slow down.


And that was the story until late last night, when the guy I made reference at the beginning showed at my door… 

Continue on the next post “Fail”…

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