Still Haven’t

I went to PatrickA’s last night to help him put his new bed together… His place was a mess, full of boxes of new gadgets he buys every single day, because he clearly doesn’t know what is to work for money. #RichKids


Putting his bed together took us about 3 hours, that shit was so heavy and so not properly done that at moments he got all frustrated and wanted to give up… However he never quitted, which made me see his real nature.

PatrickA is a results-oriented type of guy, whenever he puts something in his head he gets stubborn and doesn’t abandoned…  Yet, it seems a quality, it can be unhealthy ’cause “losing” is a capacity they don’t have.

Now, how much on his head I am? I couldn’t talk to him about Davis, plus he didn’t seem to realize the hickey on my neck… Instead he told me that me wanted to celebrate his bday next month with me… #KilledMe


Once the bed done, I left. I didn’t wanted to spend to night there because I was not thinking with my penis for once, and I still not, but I’m going back tonight because he wants me to. 

Despite all the confusion in my head I cannot say no to him, and even though right now someone else is in my mind, he’s still my #1.

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