Love Marks

IMG_6254Another last-minute feeling, another proof of my incapacity to say no, another few hours of sleep, another mark on my skin…

Davis came to see me last night, because enough is never enough. And even if I wasn’t horny, his incredible soft skin, perfect shape, hungry lips and sublime asshole got me hard and out of my mind.

We fuck as if we know and trust each other, but we still two strangers.

He doesn’t talk that much, he’s an enigma to me… an enigma that allows me to do whatever I want with him. And although it sounds wrong, it doesn’t compared to the fact that I don’t care. Which is 100 times worst.

He never ask me questions, he said he doesn’t care about my past, and he doesn’t seem interested to even know about my present… All he seems to care is the moment we share, his arms around my neck eating my lips and marking my skin.

However, my conclusion is that he doesn’t want to create expectations or attachments. After all, he’s one of those guy who never had a real long-term relationship.

He’s a bit rough, and the ink on his skin makes him look somehow aggressive, but he’s a sweet kid on the inside… which I kind of expected because I don’t get fooled by looks… and NEVER by an innocent face… Those are pure evil, and bitches get even…


Last night he asked me if I want him back tomorrow night, because shit is getting a bit too intense too fast.

On the other hand PatrickA wants to see me tonight, which means this is my chance to talk to him… Even though, I still don’t know how…

UPDATE: I just did. He couldn’t wait for tonight so I texted him and he wasn’t upset at all


I guess I can live in peace again.

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