Lover OUT = Lover IN

Davis texted me yesterday, giving me a “standby” feeling about “us” because he probably think I have time and patience for his shit. We may like each other, but he leaves me mentally unsatisfied.


Anyway, while he’s been annoying the Sex Gods keep me spoiled. And out of nowhere I received a text from Siyi, my instant rebound 30 minutes after Joseph (my last serious everything) told me to fuck off for good.

He’s in an open relationship and basically asked me if I want to be his fuckfriend, because young whores have zero modesty and zero respect for the elder… which I actually like ’cause I value honesty.


Siye reminds me a lot of PatrickA fitness-wise. Siye is also a big athletic guy, however, Siye is a top.

Now, before answering to his offer I gave him shit about our inconclusive affair. And after he apologised, I told him “maybe,” after all he kind of upset me the last time, and he’s pretty much asking me to get even.

Yup! Bitch is a masochist. Luckily for him I’m a sadist.

Anyhow, I kind of like this fast dynamic of replacing lovers.

It doesn’t give me time to look back and I don’t need it.

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