She Left Me…

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Yesterday I rushed home after work, hoping my girl was waiting for me. She stop eating on Sunday, but I managed to make her eat some barbecued chicken in the morning. I called the vet and told them my dog couldn’t wait until Wednesday, she was too weak now.

We arrived to the vet at 7 PM, since it was an emergency they took her in right away, and after some X-ray the vet saw all type of stuff inside her… “treating her will require more studies and putting her trough a lot of things … She’s old, and I think she lived a happy life… It’s up to you” she said.

My eyes got teary and decided to put her to sleep.

She was suffering now, and the idea of leaving her alone at home while I had to work, risking that something happens to her was enough for me to let her rest.

In other words, I wanted her to die in my arms and not alone on the floor.

The doctor gave her a first shot to relax her and let her fall asleep, and gave me some alone time to say goodbye…

Now silent tears were running down my face. I hugged her, told her I love her, and thanked her for all the years together. 

My baby, my loyal companion was about to leave me for good.

Some minutes later, the doctor came back with an assistant… they asked if I was ready, and I couldn’t talk but I nodded my head yes.

With the second shot I couldn’t control my tears anymore, but I did my best to keep my composure for my girl.

She passed away in seconds, and a piece of my heart died with her. 

7:40 PM, June 13th 2016… 

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14 year old, my girl, my queen peacefully left me last night… FUCK YOU 2016!!!

Words escape me to express how I feel, but I’m sure she’s now a little angel running free in the great beyond.

Mo, my longest relationship, my unconditional love… I miss you.

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  1. M says:

    Aww. She’s in a much better place. So sorry for your loss!

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