Bonne St-Jean… En Retard


As the world watches the UK saying bye bitch to the European Union, our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, spent his day yesterday celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Day (Quebec’s Day) at various events throughout the Québec province.

La Saint-Jean is a very particular day here, and it’s always a subject of debate because they call it “La Fête Nationale” as if Québec were a country and not a province.

For instance, yesterday PatrickA asked me to go breakfast (my favourite meal) so I accepted cuz I was starving. Once there some guy said to the owner of the resto “It’s a national holyday”… to which the owner (who’s German) replied “It’s a provincial holyday”… 

Not happy with that fact, the guy (who was Russian btw) replied  “A lot of people will disagree with you.”

I looked at PatrickA, rolled my eyes and said “Tell me I’m sexier than those two”… because humans with dumb issues makes me feel superior. He laughed with a “Hell YES!”

Two European, an Asian (PatrickA) and a Latino (me) involved in a retarded war that is not ours…

We have a day off every June 24, let’s just enjoy our day… Shall we?


Anyhow, HAPPY belated SAINT-JEAN!

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