Officially Dating

FullSizeRenderXavier came to my flat last night, and waited for midnight to have me as his birthday cake…

As I previously mentioned Xavier is sexually versatile but he’s more of a top… And in a total unexpected move he was delighted with my ass as much as I was petrified with his BIG FAT dick.

I was like: “Listen, blah blah, but not in my ass” And he was like: “Shhhhh…”

WTF these kids have zero respect for my white hair!!

Honestly, I’ve always been the top of my relationships and I enjoyed my role. I admit I’ve met other tops by playfulness without success.

However, I was always spoiled by the Sex Gods… All the bottoms they sent my way had perfect bubble bums, and all the tops monster cocks… which my quasi-virgin asshole was (is) not ready for.

I mean can they send them more gradually? Is that too much to ask?

Because it was our first time naked, we didn’t have intercourse but we foreplayed with happy ending. Xavier is not dominant like me, which is perfect because he will kill me with a cock like his.

Although slimmer, he’s also taller than I (he’s about PatrickA’s height) and that makes him more imposing in bed.

“You’re fucking sexy” he kept saying, while for once it wasn’t me doing all the job.


I confess I was a bit nervous with the dynamic. While my lovers often compliment my ass, I don’t get their mouths on it as much as their pharynx on my penis, because kids these days have no gag reflex.

But Xavier is not my usual type of lover, or boyfriend… which is more what he’s looking I guess. As a matter of fact, he told his family about me and wants to introduce me to his friends at his birthday celebration tonight…


Obviously, I’m not going.

I have to work tomorrow too and as much as I’m ok being my lover’s “daddy”, I will feel uncomfortable hanging with their friends or meeting their family… You know, I may not look so bad and they may not care, but I’m closer to their parents age… Plus, I’m still not familiar with Snapchat.

Long story short, Xavier and I are officially dating… even if some are not happy about it.


Let see how it goes.

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