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I had a very long day at work yesterday, but despite being tired I went out with Xavier last night. I’m no overthinking this relationship much.

Xavier presence is refreshing and casual comparing to what I have (had) with PatrickA by the simple fact that Xavier charm relies on his enthusiasm for ordinary stuff. While PatrickA’s lifestyle standards are very high, Xavier is a simple guy.

My remark is not a complaint, nor a praise, it’s just a fact.

I loved to spend time with PatrickA, he was my not-meant-to-be soulmate and I miss him. However I couldn’t insist being the only one trying to fix stuff. 

On the other hand, my time with Xavier feels like detox… Everything is so decent, so clean, so ordinary, so slow… 

So unusual from what I’m used to (instant relationships after a fuck and more fucking) that feels unrealistic and even uncomfortable from times.

But perhaps this is what I need.

A good guy like him to help me be a better me.

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