Moving On…

IMG_7681Definitely, things are not working well between Xavier and I… He’s too much of a drama queen and at my age I don’t need that nonsense.

Last night he got upset at me because after a long day at work I didn’t feel like going to the cinema to watch that FLOP The Purge: Election Year… He’s a bit capricious and all he lacks in bed as a dominant man, he show it wrongly where he is not supposed to.

As I always say, I have the patience to help a bottom to improve his skills and provide an enriched experience, but not a top… If you’re going to top me, you must be better than me not only in skills, but in the head as well ’cause I won’t be the bitch of an inept being.

Given that I refuse to waste my time on dumb drama, I don’t need it.

And speaking of need, Davis seems a bit needy lately.

He wanted to see me today, telling me he’s trying to spend more time together. Sadly, I had to refuse ’cause despite all, I’m taking Xavier serious.


Davis also asked me if I was free tomorrow night but I said no again ’cause I’m doing my best to be a good guy.

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