Take That were the kings of the UK pop charts during the early to mid 1990′. They were the British answer to the New Kids On The Block if you like.

However, Take That by far was my favourite boyband.


When I moved to Canada in the mid-90s, one of the things that caught my attention was the lack of musical diversity on the radio. While in South America radio stations played from Euro-pop to R&B, from Alternative to Techno, from Latin to Reggae, Canadian radios were limited to the American chart, so Take That were unknown here.

When I was a teen I first knew of Take That via the German teen-magazine Bravo. They were always feature on the issues and no… I don’t speak German (tho my real name is German) but the city I was born (Lima) it’s a big city and you found foreign press and magazines at the corner kiosk, which is a concept that doesn’t exist in Montreal either.

As I was saying, the first song I heard from Take That was the cover of It Only Takes A Minute in 1992, an originally song from The Tavares in the 70s.

Many songs later, in 1995 Take That released Back From Good and I succumbed to them… Only to be slapped in the face when Robbie Williams left the band that same year, and Take That disbanding the next year (1996) before this Greatest Hit album.

Whatever I said, whatever I did,
I didn’t mean it,
I just want you back for good

Anyhow, this album is amazing and diverse with timeless pop songs. I was another huge global chart topping album as everyone said goodbye to one of the biggest pop band of the 90’s worldwide outside North America. They have had 11 UK #1’s and 19 top 10’s overall. 

Pray, my ultimate favourite song:

Take That must be the biggest band from Britain never to have fully made it in North America, even more so than Robbie as a solo artist.gallery_music-take-that

No pathetic beard attempts, no bad tattoos, no high street styling, nothing forced, contrived. Just young, cool, down to earth confident guys singing catchy songs.

20 years later, the band exist again but as a trio now (after Jason left,) though they got together in 2010 or so.


Mark Owen, Gary Barlow (one of the most successful, which btw has aged very good), Jason Orange (best smile/great dancer) Robbie Williams and Howard Donald (great dancer) … I love these guys.

If you like pop music, this album is a must!

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