Pride Week = Sex Tourism


Xavier asked me if I want to go out on Friday ’cause it’s Pride week in Montreal (read: sex tourism)… I didn’t have a clue because I cannot care less, tho I do need sex (which is what this event evokes more than whatever else)… but not with any random stranger, but with him.

Our schedules haven’t match this week and I haven’t seen him since last Friday, nor his fat penis… The last time he made me cum was over a week.

Needless to say it’s getting hard playing Mother Teresa. Maybe it’s time for me to stop acting like a decent human and be part of the community, their antics and parades…


Yup, this is what I found testing the waters… and the waters are always plenty of fun fish.

In short, celibacy during this week won’t work for me (not that it’s easier to find a quick fuck, it’s only more abundant) unless Xavier upgrade his game, ’cause I’m about to misbehave. OMG NO!

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