Shades Of Blue


I spent my weekend at home alone. I haven’t seen anyone or going out since Xavier left Saturday afternoon… I took time to read and reflect on many stuff, mainly on us.

I also had PatrickA in my head the whole day and I hated it, because it’s not fun to miss someone you can’t have. But this is normal when you feel for someone, I guess… I’ve been already through the same.

For instance, after Hubby I thought I’d die. After Bunny I never thought to find someone as fun. Jaden left me emotionally broken and Joseph somehow disappointed. Regardless, they were all present in me every day.

PatrickA still too fresh and even if he’s been physically replaced, his memory remain.

No one is irreplaceable but souvenirs are, especially of those intimate moments of tenderness… the cuddle, the whispers, the uniqueness of each of us at the most vulnerable.

Anyhow, it was not my intention to make another melancholic post, but I needed to take out… as I always do when solitude makes me blue.

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