Officially Taken

Last night, Xavier came to see me after work and spent the night with me. Needless to say, the first thing he did was to take advantage of me, so there it goes my virginity… We went to get some take out after that, and later he fucked me goodnight… There’s no doubt I’m very considerate because even though getting fucked it’s not my cup of tea, as a top I’d have done the same to my bottom.

… And I’d better get used to the idea of giving my penis a sabbatical, because last night he asked me to be his boyfriend and I said YES!

You know, I don’t give a fuck anymore. I like Xavier and I feel good with him.

At my age I’d say yes to whatever, after all nothing last forever. And when the time comes for Xavier to say bye to me, my ass will be the first to celebrate because still hurt me to get penetrated.

Also, I trust Xavier. He’s a good guy and he treats me right (he needs more kinkiness tho). 


Perhaps love is not exactly what we feel right now, but I know by experience that you can learn to love someone over time. My feelings are also more of appreciation and enthusiasm whenever we spend time together. And that’s already favourable for a serious start.

But overall what I like the most about Xavier’s presence in my life it’s that it prevents me to do stupid shit and keeps me out of sexual trouble. Probably that’s the reason why I value being in relationships so much… I get to be with someone I like and it protects me from myself.

I’m happy to be his.

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2 thoughts on “Officially Taken

  1. thatssojacob says:

    Aww darn I’m too late. And too American. Enjoy gazing into those calico eyes Xavier. :-/ ::hopes for a three some::

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