No Longer Alone

thumbnail_IMG_0393 - CopyAfter spending the whole day alone, my luck changed on Saturday night. Xavier was feeling better and asked me if I wanted him to come over, obviously, I said yes!

We spent the night making out and giving my ass some exercise because the resistance is futile… Xavier gets easily horny (totally his fault) and apparently the lack of clothes on my skin doesn’t help to keep things zen.

The good thing about all the fucking is that penetration doesn’t hurt me as much anymore. I mean, he has a big dick but it’s not as impossible as before. You know… a finger in my asshole was horribly painful 2 months ago, not the case now so I gotta love him for his patience and dedication… which sounds kind of strange since I’ve always been the one in charge.

Anyhow, we had a great Saturday night and even a better Sunday… After breakfast and more sexy we went for a walk on top of the hill…


On our way down the hill he held my hand and randomly told me “You’re not alone anymore” (because he knows I’m a loner ) his words touched me deep and I couldn’t help but to fall even more in love with him.

For a moment we got lost and we walked a lot. But it was nice to discover something new with him and realised that despite having many partners before I still can find new things to explore.

But most important, I can still feel love.

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