Waiting What?

tumblr_oatzvtzbuf1tijmqfo1_500So… I thought to wait to come back from vacations before dating, but since I love to get in trouble I have a small lineup of candidates already.

The good news, they ‘re all hot and asked me for a date.

The bad news, I want them all and I said yes to all. #GreedyMess

So far, I only took serious 3 of them: 1 top (Paul) 1 versatile (Cam) 1 bottom (Taha).

  1. Paul is a huge 22 yo green-eyed guy. A volcanic 6’4 Romanian giant (every inch of him…)
  2. Cam is a 24 yo blond muscular hotness from Ottawa living in Montreal
  3. Taha is a 20 yo slim-fit Canadian Algerian with the most SPECTACULAR ass I’ve ever seen or had… And trust me, I had many, all amazing, but Taha’s bum is the reason why people believe in miracles. 

I told Cam I’ll see him after my vacations, and regarding Paul and Taha I may see them before I leave because of better logistic, plus… my lips are overdue to be tasted.


Also early in the evening Xavier texted me… we chat a bit and he said he wants to see me after my trip. He want us to remain friends. I was cool with it because he’s a good guy (as much as any of my other ex’s) and I have no problem being friend with my ex’s. They were decent guys before anything else, and I believe I am a good person too.

In other words you can always find a new lover, a big cock or a hot ass to fuck, but they not always belong to good people.


In short, I’m feeling less blue… Although I should be depressed for not being able to multiply myself in order to have 3 boyfriends (or more) at the same time. 

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