thumbnail_img_2638Sorry for the lack of updates, I was not in the best mood lately.

Even though autumn is my favourite season, the red and yellow leaves remind me too much of  the awesome time I had some time ago during this season with Joseph… Back then I was living temporarily in Mont Royal (a busy French side of the city) and the landscape was gorgeous, not to mention my relationship with him was at his best, probably. Despite having other and longer relationships before, no autumn compares to the one I lived with him. I long for those  days.

On the other hand, fall 2016 is going very slow… for a lack of better word.

Either the new generation of gays in Montreal has more tops, or the older I get the more I look like a bottom ’cause I have a lineup of tops wanting to date me/fuck me… And since I’m not in any position to get picky (’cause after 35, in the gay world, you’re no longer relevant) I said yes to all because, you never know…

After all, dating is like gambling: You can lose, win and get addicted. CHECK!

The guy I met on Monday was okay for friendship but I’m not looking for friends (even if I need them, especially a psychiatrist). His personality was too… I don’t know… too vulnerable for me I guess…

See, I have a strong personality and whoever intends to put his penis in my ass, it MUST definitively show me strength, dominance or stamina, somehow. I go easy on bottoms, but my demands for a top are high.

Not the case with my date on Monday, so we went to eat and we said goodbye afterwards.

Gladly I have other dates on sight because like it or not, the Sex Gods are on my side.


And I won’t spend winter alone.

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