Last Minute People Doesn’t Turn Me On


I had no plans last night, so after work I just got comfortable at home (aka very lazy) and decided to rest. I’m a particular specie, when I put something on my head and settle for certain mode, it’s very hard to make me change my mind. And then I received a text from Guillaume asking me to go out with him to a friend’s… Obviously I refused.

As nice as his invitation was we haven’t even met yet…???

First of all I hate last minutes, and the last thing I wanted is having a bunch of strangers around me. If ever I’d have accept a tête-à-tête, something private and probably more sensual. But no one is perfect and what Guillaume exudes in hotness, he lacks in seduction and approach.

He kind of didn’t like my refusal, and I couldn’t care less.

Sadly for him I’m not a sad human who loses his mind for a hot guy. I could lose my mind for a superior intelligence/cerebral guy (read: Hubby, Jaden or PatrickA) but not for a physical appearance… Besides, there’s nothing that turns me off more than a guy who can’t do shit without his friends.

In short, the only prognostication I can make is that Guillaume could be a hot fuck, but a very disposable one.

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