It must be the chilly weather ’cause I have a lot of requests to go on a date this week… Two people asked me out tonight, but I’m not sure… I’m awake since 5 AM and there’s no way I scare two humans with my hideous face.

Being in the meat market of the dating life makes me realise how not so “man” many men are.

By that I mean despite their constant state of horniness and “locker room talk” they seem very insecure, intimidated or irresolute… I don’t know…I see myself as a shy guy. However, I have determination.

Perhaps it’s an amateur issue. They haven’t understand that a penis goes deep, but tenacity goes deeper.

Anyhow, I’m not motivated to go on dates, but I know Xavier will eventually turn his back on me and I’d better have a shoulder to cry in silence his depart,

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