12So… my date of last night was terrible!

The guy I met was not only a lot older than what he told me, he also looked finished.

You know I have nothing against older guys, in fact I’m older than everyone. BUT when someone who’s younger than me looks older than me, I have an issue.

I’m a visual person and although I fall in love with personalities and brains, I first get attracted by the physical beauty of things. Which is normal, even for aliens.

In a moment of self-criticism I did my best to ignore the fact that he lied to me ’cause to I know I’m not better than any other average guy. In fact I’m barely decent.

But even if he wasn’t terribly looking, there was nothing attractive about him because even his personality was annoying with major hints of I CAN’T!

See, dude was one of those gays very into the gay village lifestyle… You know, living there, spend every weekend at gay bars, gay clubs, and gay everything… as if all in life must be or turn around gay culture.

To me being gay doesn’t mean that.

To me being gay is to ejaculate on the same sex. Not a lifestyle.

Needless to say I was bored and beyond turn off, which was very visible.

Anyhow, not big deal.

On the other hand, Xavier texted me ealier to remind me that I’m supposed to see him later this week… FINALLY! I feel abandoned by him, but I can’t tell him that ’cause I don’t want him to be mad at me.

I won’t be going on dates if he at least made me feel like he cares for me… Anyway.



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