20 Random Questions

Waking up this morning, I found a lot of messages on my phone. Since I’m a moody bitch, I ignored them all. 

I reflected on what happened this week and I’m giving up. I’m done with the bed sheets casting. I need another hobby.

I guess I’ll keep Xavier for that purpose until he gets rid of me, or someone rescue me from myself.


In other news, surfing online I found a page full of random questions and decided to answer few, and share them. Because even if you can’t care less about what I have to say, writing is my therapy, my solace and my catharsis.

20 questions below:

  1. How do you use Facebook? I don’t. I closed my account over a year ago.
  2. Do apps help you or just waste your time? Both.
  3. Do presidential candidates need to be good debaters? They should. 
  4. Which is more important: Talent or Hard Work? Hard work.
  5. Do you eat too quickly? Yes.
  6. Who inspires you? Humanitarians and animal advocates.
  7. Are you a novelty-seeker? Nope.
  8. Do you want to write a book? I wanted when I was younger.
  9. Should couples live together before marriage? Totally.
  10. What is your fantasy vacation? The one I’ll spend with my better half
  11. Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys? Girls. Boys and I fight too much.
  12. Have you ever felt replaced? Yes.
  13. Is the last person you texted attractive? Physically only.
  14. Have you experienced sexual harassment? Yes.
  15. What will you remember most from 2011? Jaden, my then bf.
  16. When did you last have a great conversation? Over 4 months ago with PatrickA.
  17. Why do you share photos? Because I have nothing to hide.
  18. What advice would you give to somebody who just started dating? Enjoy it without expectations.
  19. What is your opinion about the morning-after pill? You gotta do what you gotta do.
  20. What are you good at? At making people horny. My only talent I guess.
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