It was Gwen Stefani’s birthday earlier this month and I forgot to blog about it. Shame on me!! I love Gwen, especially her earlier work.

No Doubt’s music was a big part of my 90’s youth. And her first solo album in 2004 (L.A.M.B) also marked an important moment of my life. Probably one of the best periods in all areas.

Love. Angel. Music. Baby has 2 songs that fucks me up really bad because the lyrics are simply too real.

One of them is the one below (Cool,) which is exactly how it feels when you give up on someone you love to keep the friendship because, you LOVE HIM/HER!

In most cases (at the beginning) you pretend to be cool (which requires a level of maturity to hide it/handle it/keep the emotions in check?) until gets cool for real.


We have changed but we’re still the same.

You never really stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them… And that’s what makes someone cool.

All that said, Happy Belated Birthday Gwen!

And on behalf of all those who relate to this song, THANK YOU!

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