Speaking Of Cool…


Out of all the guys I had something serious with, Justin is probably the one who’s still updated with my romantic/sexual life… Not because I wanted/want to share the sordid details of my privacy with him (or any of my ex’s) but because he’s a stalker and he reads this blog.

At first I was mortified, but I got used to it. Distance in most cases end relationships, in our case, distance keep us together.

I believe we truly love each other, because only someone who loves you will accept your highs and especially your lows and stupidity.

Both of us are far from perfect (he’s a lot further obviously) but both of us understand that perfection doesn’t exist.

No relationship is 100% joyful, not all couples have interpersonal/logical/existential intelligence. Not everyone compromise.

It takes two evolved beings to keep things cool (even after a breaking up) and that’s how we both are.

Even if, I also believe, he’s a lot cooler than I.

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