223I met Tyler last night, he was okay, not bad but I saw in him potential…  However, I wasn’t impressed by his body or his brain… In fact, as usual, I was in full control of the whole situation. Which I didn’t want, but guys IQ go down when their dick go up.

I don’t know but since I’m playing the bottom, I’ve realised I have a lot of control over the tops, that I find it entertaining and sad at the same time… See, apparently I’m Miss Universe to them or something because they’re fucking intimidated by my whole persona, when in fact there’s no one more innocent that I!

Last night for instance, Tyler couldn’t stop telling me how “sexy” I was that at some point I had to ignore his compliments.

When we said goodbye I thought he was disappointed because we didn’t have sex but he texted me several times today.



I don’t know where this is going. We’ll see I guess.

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