Like A Slumber Party

7Yeah, I gotta make reference to the latest Britney’s sexy song (it’s the first time I’m in love with a Britney song) because that video pretty much sums up my night with Xavier (I was Britney, of course!)

We met at some public spot… I didn’t know how to greeting him (I used to french kiss him) since it was our first “date” after breaking up, so I hugged him. But apparently a hug was not enough for him, so he kissed me on the lips and held my hand as he always does.

You know… his behaviour confuses me from times, but I don’t ask questions because as stupid as it sounds, it makes me happy to be with him and feel I’m not only another hole for him to fuck.

We are cool being whatever we are, and ever since our times together are A LOT better.

So, we walked to the resto hand in hand… there under what was left of autumn… my favourite season without a doubt.

We arrived there, had supper, a good time, and after that went to my place to keep having a good time… which started as soon as we got in my building’s elevator and continued as fast I opened my flat’s door.

I’m not going into details here but it was pretty good, he was in constant erection big part of the night (the joys of being so young…) and he partially bottomed for me as well.

We no longer have inhibitions and I have mixed feeling about it, but the art of surrendering comes easy with him… we have reached a level of trust that makes no sense whatsoever… it’s ridiculous, but so it’s all the stuff he makes me feel whenever we are side by side, or the signs he send me when we are apart.

We’re both busy this week and I have no clue when I will see him again. But whenever that happens, I’m sure we’ll have another spectacular time.

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