fidel-castro-obituary-slide-p9cb-articlelarge-v6I don’t know how I feel about this… Fidel was a hero to many and a bastard to many other. To me was one of those “celebrities” I grew up with watching and reading of. As a child you don’t understand the dirty business of politics, so he was another Michael Jackson, John Paul II, Lady Di, Gianni Versace… He was a superstar, an iconic figure of the world.

If I have to make a remark of his vision, Fidel did a pretty good job of preventing the United States to rule his country, even with the embargo in place for over 60 years.

Every single Cuban had access to free health, and education. Every single Cuban knows how to read and write even if they didn’t have food to eat. That may sound horrible, but I personally know some Cubans who were sincerely happy in their country… Which contrast the disasters that have fallen under the US fold like Honduras, a country that has a free trade agreement with Canada and a criminal, illiterate and murder rate that is unparalleled with Cuba.

In this regard it’s clear the Cuban people are much better off.

Love it or hate it, Fidel Castro Castro was a unique figure in the world of politics. A unique person in the struggle for freedom and idealism that found himself facing the impact of the realities of life.


Blame him, praise him, the fact is he’s now gone.

Adios Fidel. Adios camarada!

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