This is Pigcasso , and she uses her mouth to create the kind of HIGH ART that is making the real Picasso fart out clouds of jealousy in the afterworld.

To be honest Pigcasso’s style is more like Pollock (Porkllock?) to me. 

Check it out!

Caters News (via The New York Postsays that Pigcasso was about to become bacon and pork chops in a South African slaughterhouse before she was saved by animal-rights activist Joanne Lefson.

Joanne wanted Pigcasso to pick up a hobby to keep her ass entertained. Joanne threw a football at her pet pig, but Pigcasso was like meh! But when Joanne gave her a paintbrush, a true artiste was born!

In a world of Trumps and Kardashians, this pig is adorable and way more talented (not mentioned with better hygiene) than those mentioned before. Just adorable!!

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