Matchbox With Hidden Messages

When was the last time you sent a greeting card? It’s probably been a while. And that’s because of a simple reason that those ordinary greeting cards are pretty dull, aren’t they?

But that won’t last much longer because Vietnamese shop shop3xu is reinventing the greeting card by turning little matchboxes into cute greetings with a surprise inside.

matchbox-surprise-hidden-message-trang-hoang-shop3xu-58398f6ca28b2__880 matchbox-surprise-hidden-message-trang-hoang-shop3xu-49-58398eb2b9b25-png__880 matchbox-surprise-hidden-message-trang-hoang-shop3xu-4-58398e4c10135__880matchbox-surprise-hidden-message-trang-hoang-shop3xu-2-58398e468b468__880

Different and cute!

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