The Reason The Bible EXIST!

wenn30504023Every time I stare deep into the exquisitely-crafted and made up face of humanised German rhinestone Harald Glööckler, I see Jesus riding a solid gold unicorn, as gay angels queef out tons of fucking sequins around him.

So it is absolutely fitting that Germany’s answer to Liberace get his own BIBLE COVER!

Harald slipped his most opulent rings onto his perfectly manicured fingers, glued on his finest felt beard, did his lips up like a horny angel’s poon and touched up his holy brows with octopus jizz to attend the launch of his decorative bible cover at a church in Berlin last week.

My Catholic mother would slap my face for saying this, but I have to say it, because it’s the truth… Harald’s opulent bible cover is the sole reason for why the bible exists!!

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