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tumblr_o71eudkwgm1ra4d6ro1_400I know you’ll be upset because you don’t like me to call you that way, but I hope you understand what I already explained to you.

I didn’t want you to read my blog because it reflects the side of me I never show, my most vulnerable and also worst.

I opened this blog on 2014 inspired by my then bf (Joseph) ’cause before I met him I was lost in lust, and his presence changed my life for better. Ever since I’ve been writing about my life with him, the good and the bad times, and everyone else after him and before you… Which is a lot of people because when Joseph left me I went back to the start. Everything turned dark for awhile, and sex was the distraction to fill the void in my heart.

To me sex was always something good and often, quasi-daily due to the fact that I’ve been in non-stop relationships for the last 20 years.

I was always monogamous, and faithful. But at some point, in my mid-30’s after being cheated by my 3rd partner I gave up on being the nice decent guy… because I realised nobody really wanted “a good guy.”

So I killed the romantic guy in me to become a fucktoy for all those who wanted me… and they were many to my surprise because I never considered myself attractive during the years that 3rd person made me dance in the dark.


From that moment I always have guys wanting to date me, and sex me.

And that’s when sex became a problem, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because promiscuity is a dangerous game I hate to play. But I do when I find myself alone again.

Anyway… you can red all you want now, and I hope you take it with humour because as tragic as some situation were, I always try to laugh at my own drama in a sarcastic way. So if ever you find my words too harsh understand that the only person I hate in this world is myself.

Oh! Before you start, you need to read this disclaimer.

También  quiero que sepas que todo lo que escribo sobre mis ex parejas, lo hago desde el amor y el afecto que siempre les tendré porque cuando quiero a alguien los quiero para siempre, y tu estas incluido en ello (leer: esho lol)

Lo que tu hagas con tu vida después de mí no es mi asunto… Porque no me interesa lo que haces cuando estás sin mí, solo me interesa lo que haces cuando estás conmigo.

No te pido nada, solo sé responsable y protégeme como yo lo hago contigo.

Te adoro!

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