A Week Later….

tumblr_njfamaqncd1ssite1o1_500-1Xavier came to see me last night, just in time to prevent my very tight asshole from getting sanctify ’cause I was about to become a virgin again.

He’s gonna get mad at this (meh!)  because he’s in denial and doesn’t like to hear the TRUTH *insert crying emoji* but he was acting a little strange the first minutes… a bit distant, until we went to my bed and his dick got hard… Only then he was a nice man again *insert happy face*

So he fucked me like the good husband he is and for once he made me cum really fast… but after a week of playing Santa Maria I was way too horny to hold it back.

Later, before going to get something to eat, I talked to him about my blog and the stuff he’s now reading in order to make him understand better.

I was nervous about the idea of him reading my intimacy and about my ex partners, but Xavier has a maturity I admire (or no heart whatsoever…) He was very cool with it and didn’t hate me.

As usual I had a good time with him… because he knows how to be my type of man… which is sweet, fun, hot and daring.

This morning he woke up from a nightmare and hugged me… I found it cute and forgot about it later on.

But later today he reminded of it and explained to me that his nightmare was about an earthquake and he hugged me because he didn’t want anything bad to happen to me… And gave me the awwws.


It’s hard not to love him whenever he acts adorable.

Perhaps his nightmare meant something… After all that’s what I’ve been feeling inside the week before. A “shake-up” and instability his absence produced in me. 

Either way, it was great to be in his arms again.

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5 thoughts on “A Week Later….

  1. Mark says:

    Hey there! Do you ever feel like you’re in a fish bowl – lovers and exes seeing all about? DON’T stop please!?!?! You entertain me! By the way – heading to town next week. Not going to work for hubby to come, but I want to go out Thursday night! Not too crazy, but never been out to a club in Montreal! I’m staying at the W Montreal…looks nice! Thoughts?

    • olemtl says:

      LOL Naaaah they can see all they want ’cause I’m a good guy despite my human needs and they know it BETTER than anyone else. Clubs in Montreal? I don’t know.. I don’t club, but what you like exactly? W good choice!

      • Mark says:

        LOL! Good for you! I’m not talking a dance club…love a hot strip club really…we’re sheltered here in the States!

  2. olemtl says:

    Oh LOL Go to Stock for jocks. Campus for older men.

    • Mark says:

      What’s with the snow?!??!? lol! Thanks for the recommendation for the W! Awesome hotel! Have you eaten at Helenas on Rue McGill?!? I love that place!

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