One Direction/Girls Aloud Baby

ffn_payne_cole_ffuk_112916_52243417The vocal cords of the Directioners just barely fully healed from hollering out screams of rage over Louis Tomlinson knocking up a trick, and now their vocal cords are going to get jacked up again, because another yodeling One Direction twink is going to be a daddy.

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne first met when he was just 14 and she was 24. He auditioned for The X-Factor and she was a judge at the time. Cheryl and Liam started doing each other full-time earlier this year, and a few months ago, it was first rumoured that his 23 year old dick shot out the jizz load that knocked her 33 year old ass up.

Last nigh, Cheryl pretty much 100% confirmed that she’s got a One Direction baby growing in her womb.

A source tells E! News that Cheryl is pregnant and in her second trimester.

This baby will be the first for both Cheryl and Liam, who was a baby himself about 10 minutes ago… Oh Cheryl, she’s been making bad decisions after bad decisions, especially all her hideous tattoos.

Well who am I to judge Cheryl? I myself would be already pregnant with Xavier’s triplets long ago too.

In my defence (Yo no soy así, pero el insistía) I have a better taste!

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