The One Finger Challenge

onefingerselfiechallenge_round_up_06-aaf38613_webNow that Trump as Hitler memes have fallen off by nineteen percent, social media can once more return to the progressive breeding ground supported almost entirely by dudes whacking off to girls seeking attention for their sexuality.

Any technology that exposes the inevitably base instincts of human behaviour makes for great content. Invariably tits.

“Challenges” are the new way for women to pretend they’re not at all similar to strippers working for cash… Which still buys more groceries than Instagram likes.

The mannequin challenge is so yesterday. The new one is the one finger challenge.


A grand excuse to barely cover your genitals and pass Zuckerberg muster while still embarrassing the shit out of your parents who are still trying to accept experiential marketing associate as a real job.

Trends will die, but nakedness will live… I should try this!

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