tumblr_m3bhl4jrdx1qbee8bo1_500Few days ago, one of my American readers (yes you read that right…American!… because my shade game is not strong enough) asked me if I didn’t feel in a fish bowl, due to the fact that some guys I’ve been with and my still current husband read my blog.  

I told him it didn’t bother me ’cause they knew I was a good guy and I never did them wrong, BUT…  Since my current man have access to my blog I feel a bit restricted.

I can’t express myself so openly writing about him, unless I let him know whatever is going on in my head before he finds it out by himself… At least that’s what I feel.

I should not have communication boundaries or taboos, just the same way I don’t during sex… I guess, it’s a lot easier to show my nude body rather than my naked feelings to him. 

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