If there’s something I always wanted during my years of top, that was having hair. To contrast my feminine side (a.k.a my smooth body and everything else).

Last night lying in bed with Xavier (we spent the night together and he fucked me for the whole week #yes) I was playing with his hairy legs … Hair he doesn’t like, because many gay guys don’t appreciate hair… especially those who have it.

I personally love hairless bottoms, but when it comes to tops (my new pastime) I like them hairy, the total opposite of me!  

I was trying to make Xavier understand how hot it looks and how much I wish I had some hair (plus his fat cock as bonus) but he never listens to me, not even when I say I don’t wanna have sex (in order to keep my very tight asshole tight.) #ImSoTight

On the other side, it’s always great to spend time with him, particularly on my days off ’cause I have more time and I look less shitty to give him the best of me. 

During the night I asked him what were we?… I had to asked him ’cause I always have random guys from the past texting me, and I needed to know what’s going on.


Are we dating? Are we fucking? Are we best friends? Are we something in between that?… Pretty much all of the above, but dating he said… which sounds good to me… Even if… He also gets lots of messages from HOOKERS on Grindr or whatever slut app he uses TO CHEAT! 

Yup here’s the evidence on his phone next to me… BUSTED!


Okay, he said it was not another guy, but a girl and blah blah….uh huh….

Well, as I said before, I don’t wanna fuck anyone else as long as he’s in my life because… I’m such a good wife! 

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