Madge BUTT Implants?

madonna_ariana3Madonna really should have retired 15 years ago… Sadly she’s still around to keep destroying the memories that made her an icon!

She has become as basic and the rest for the sake of staying “relevant”… which it’s sad considering that once she was the antithesis of that.

Over the weekend, Madonna put on a benefit performance for her Raising Malawi charity during Art Basel in Miami aka “When Celebrities Pretend They’re Art History Majors.” During the show, Madge twerked her 58 year old ass for the audience along with Ariana Grande Latte… However, something looked suspiciously brand new about Madge’s buttcheeks… Well, maybe “bigger” would be the proper adjective to use here.

Bitch got implants? 

That was AWKWARD AF!

I don’t like it when people discriminate against or ridicule others simply because they’re older. But oh Madonna, STOP IT!


You can be an older woman and still be hot as hell… Please go study Christie Brinkley or Raquel Welch. Please rescue yourself! 

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