Playing With Fire…

He’s not president yet, but living orange Donald Trump is already messing up American relations with world powers, including those with nuclear capabilities.

Just some days ago, he invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House, despite the fact that Duterte is best known for deploying death squads on his own people. A totally NO for Washington.

Not happy with that, some days after he contacted Taiwanese president… pissing off China because China considers Taiwan a province, so they obviously took it as a serious provocation.


Trump has no fucking clue what politics and diplomatic protocols are, nor all the ignorants voting for him have a clue on which countries are as powerful or more powerful than America.

Trust me, you don’t wanna mess up with China!

The only thing that stupid orange prick knows how to do is to tweet.

Seriously, can someone in his administration talk some sense to him??  He’s going to cause a war or something. Oh god, guys please hold me.

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