Unexpected Disappointment

There’s only two days of the year where there’s nothing you can control: yesterday and tomorrow!

Today however, I couldn’t do much either… Xavier texted me this morning to unexpectedly tell me he doesn’t wanna have feelings and wants a break and blah blah … I don’t know what’s wrong with him!

24 hours ago he was all sweet as usual, and now this, again….


You know what? Whatever! I may look like a fucking whore, but I’m a good person and I am committed to my guy. I deserve better. 

I saw this shit before with PatrickA (whom I left for Xavier for the exact same reason) and other guys of the slut Grindr generation.

I don’t understand what’s so scary about feelings, but not sexual diseases.

What I do understand is how someone with good feelings turns into a heartless bastard… exactly for guys like this.


I’m disappointed in Xavier. Not even mad, maybe sad but mostly immensely disappointed. If ever, I’m mad at myself for believing in him.

I’m done at trying to be a better me to be left unappreciated and pushed away.

I don’t wanna be good anymore.

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